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Dresden Striezelmarkt

The traditional Dresden Striezelmarkt can look back over a history of more than five centuries, and is  one of the oldest German Christmas markets.

When the first markets were held in the 15th century, they were founded upon Christian customs in connection with Christmas Eve. The origin of the Striezelmarkt was a royal prerogative dated 1434. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, the so called “Striezel” cake lent its name to the whole market, and lives on today in the form of genuine Dresden Christstollen.

The market stands traditionally offer also products of Saxon crafts and folk art . The popularity of these wares has remained unbroken to the present day: Indigo printed textiles and pottery from Lusatia, wickerwork and Plauen lace, and all manner of carved and turned woodcrafts from the Erzgebirge mountains.

Similarly sought-after are the paper Advent stars from Herrnhut in Lusatia, which decorate countless homes, churches and streets during the Christmas period, providing cosy illumination and symbolising the Star of Bethlehem.

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